Healthy eating & lifestyle event at Metcalfe's Market

I spent part of Saturday and Sunday at Metcalfe's Market, sampling tea and promoting hot tea month. Thank you to everyone who stopped to take time for tea and support a local business, Cha Cha Tea.


Food is the basic need of

Food is the basic need of every living thing. It gives us the energy that we need in order to survive and in order for us to do the things that we want to do. However, we must also be careful in choosing our food for there are some foods that are unhealthy. Food must not only satisfy our hunger but it must also make us healthy. By the way, the House will vote on the health care bill on Sunday, and there are additional Democrats crossing the road to vote for it. After initial opposition, Dennis Kucinich decided to vote yes and John Boccieri (D-OH) recently chose to vote yes as well. The CBO can't choose if will trim the deficit, or send the government hunting for pay day loans if it passes, and truth be told, they have about as much accuracy as chance. Health care reform should indeed be an important issue, but I'm nevertheless not entirely sold that we need government in on the action.


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